The Twilight Market Stimulates the Senses and Nourishes the Soul

Success never tasted sweeter with The Market Shed on Holland’s latest project, The Twilight Market’s favourable first opening on Saturday, May 30th.

Attendee of the market, Alicia Carruthas, described the event as busy and bustling with an array of delicious food and wine.

“It was a chance to go somewhere chilled, drink wine and hang out, without being in a club,” said Alicia.

Event organiser and owner, Jono Kaitatzis, wanted people to experience a new style of The Market Shed, while staying true its origins.

“The aim was to have your senses stimulated and your souls nourished,” said Jono.

Shoppers were encouraged to fill up their bag with locally grown goodies before 5pm, as the farmers head home to harvest and get ready for the usual Sunday Market Shed.

Until its closing time of 9pm, attendees enjoyed food and wine to the sounds of musicians and entertainment.

Jordan Zumbo, of ‘Jamface’, said his stall was very successful throughout the day, particularly with their paella and pizza.

“We did about five large pans of paella for 80 serves each,” said Jordan.

The Twilight Market allows patrons to experience a cultural explosion, with many international options including Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, and Greek food, to name a few.

“There is a lot of organic food with many different cultural influences, giving the consumer a taste of the world,” said Jordan.

This new style of The Market Shed owes its success to being a new experience for attendees, as they can relish fresh and organic food with company as the sun sets.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase Adelaide food in a very open community environment,” said Jordan.

Alicia is convinced she will attend another Twilight Market, as having lived interstate, believes it is something Adelaide needs.




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