Story Intros

In one of the first “Journalism: Ethics, Law and Power” tutorials, our class was asked to write story intros for a couple of scenarios. The scenarios included basic information and facts on each news item, requiring us to find a news angle and write an appropriate lead.



Here are couple of my hard news pars following the information given above:

Story 1

Hotels in the east will be banned from promoting “all you can drink” offers in an attempt to control binge drinking levels by The Racing and Gaming Commission.

 Story 2

An elderly man has died and his wife is fighting for her life, after a car collision at the intersection of the Western and Central Highways this afternoon.

Albert James Motorist died shortly after the accident at the Port Base Hospital, with his wife, Emma, currently in a serious condition.

The young station wagon driver, Oliver Cushion, was left uninjured and is being treated for shock.

The northbound lane at the intersection was blocked for an hour, as a result of the accident.

Story 6 

A young medical student saves an Elvis Presley impersonator during his concert at the Ponds Resort last night when the rock singer fell backwards off stage.

Distressed fans crowded around the 36-year-old singer until Damien Little announced he was a medical student and began treatment.

Chuck Hounddog, who is suffering head injuries, is in a serious but stable condition in Downtown Hospital.



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