The Morning Show and The Daily Edition

I was successful in achieving an internship with The Morning Show and The Daily Edition in Sydney, after a thorough application and interview process. I interned there for the month of February and news gathered and wrote briefing notes for producers, edited, guest greeted, sourced props and talent and was put in charge of running segments when producers were away. I even made my television debut on a segment for The Morning Show alongside Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies!

Below is a link to my on-air appearance for a Mardi Gras segment –


Reflection – 

When I received an offer for Channel 7’s The Morning Show and The Daily Edition internship in December 2016, I was pleasantly surprised (and ecstatic). Having done some community youth radio in Melbourne, I gained a passion for broadcast and yearned for a taste of television.

From day one at The Morning Show and The Daily Edition internship, I wasn’t treated as “just an intern” – I was seen as a recognisable member of the team. I was designated a computer to work on and a personal Channel Seven email address, which not only allowed me to contact and correspond with the producers, but also receive the same team emails they would.

I was given similar responsibilities to what any producer on the show would be tasked with during their day-to-day work. From the more menial duties of going out and purchasing props on the corporate card for a segment and “ingesting” videos, to serious aspects of the job, like newsgathering and writing briefing notes. I almost always had something to do or learn. I was even able to enjoy out-of-office time by being taken along to various locations for film shoots with the hosts.

Everyone was very warm and welcoming (including the hosts of the shows), happily offering feedback and career advice. I now know the fundamentals of television news production from sourcing and researching stories and vision, devising appropriate interview questions, and writing for a televisual audience. All thanks to the very supportive team at The Morning Show and The Daily Edition. They gave me in-put and I felt as if I could contribute also, by suggesting my own story and segment ideas.

During my last week of placement, I was entrusted with running a few segments in the studio when producers were away. At first – this was quite daunting, yet it ended up being extremely motivating and rewarding. Producers began asking me questions about segments and I was seen as a serious member of the team. I was even given my own “five minutes of fame” to feature on-air during a segment for The Morning Show (which is the above video)! All of this made my experience so enjoyable and worthwhile and even a little sad to leave.

Nevertheless, the experience I gained was truly invaluable, as I was involved in almost every facet of the television production process. I would recommend any student who has an interest for news and entertainment to apply for work experience with The Morning Show and The Daily Edition, as you will hardly find a better intern program within broadcast. Simply being able to network and observe the inner workings of a fast-paced prime network like Channel Seven was something in itself.

This internship has further emphasised my desire to pursue broadcast television after university.










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