Meet the Youth Migrating to Melbourne

As one of the final RMIT Journalism assignments, we were asked to create a story to a “Passion Project”. Below is an excerpt of my piece –

For some youth the idea of leaving the nest is a daunting one.

But for others, myself included, it’s the freedom to stretch your wings, to live independently, to broaden life experience, and challenge yourself which may compel young people to take that one step further and move to a new city.

At the beginning of 2015, I made the big decision to move from my hometown of Adelaide to Melbourne. Why I chose Melbourne specifically was based on various geographical, social and economical reasons. Aside from not only being an hour away by plane and having a good support network with family in the city – those reasons weren’t what motivated me to move. [Read full immersive story via Arcgis Esri]


‘Meet the Youth Migrating to Melbourne’ is an explorative, human interest story focusing on Melbourne’s booming population through the eyes and voices of Australian youth migrants.

After reading a few articles discussing Melbourne’s rapidly growing population and the 2016 census results, I recognised a gap in the media market – none of these stories put a human face to the data.

As someone who moved to Melbourne last year, I decided to use my relatable position to speak to several youths to see why they flocked to Melbourne.

As I knew this was going to be long-form journalism, I wanted to create an engaging and immersive article, which would seamlessly flow from one idea to the next. I achieved this through its carefully considered content structure and layout.

The story begins and ends in first person with the body of text in second person when profiling my interviewees. I made sure each of my youth’s stories effortlessly followed one another by creating a chain effect, where one interviewee picked up on an idea left off in the story before.

Aside from opinion, I juxtaposed their stories with relevant data and statistics to add authenticity to my piece.

To tie it all together, or more or less break it up, I incorporated photographs of Melbourne and each of my interviewees various homes as well as emphasised pars and pull quotes. I also filmed videos of my interviewees where I’d ask them questions about Melbourne while giving me a tour of their place.


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