I am Hayley Peppin, a 20-year-old Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) graduate from RMIT currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in Sydney, but raised in Adelaide and somehow I ended up here, in Melbourne…

 Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a journalist or writer, having read numerous narratives as a young child. So, after graduating high school, naturally, I began studying Journalism at the University of South Australia.

 A year later – I decided I needed I needed a little more stimulation and, frankly a bit of a sea change. Therefore, I packed up my quiet existence in little old Adelaide, transferred my Journalism degree to the RMIT and headed to the big smoke at the beginning of 2016.

 So here I am two years later, an enthusiastic and experienced, fresh graduate ready to take on the demands of the workforce!

 I have interned and worked at several organisations throughout my degree including Melbourne community radio station – SYN 90.7, Marie Claire, The Morning Show and The Daily Edition, Triple R, Newsline for Channel 31, Channel Nine News and Channel Ten News.

 As someone who loves broadcast, but also print and online, I’m hoping to get a full-time job reporting on television, yet write freelance fashion/lifestyle/human interest pieces on the side. It’s the best of both worlds right?

 So… if you’re hiring, interested or literally just know if a job is available – please take a look at my blog and flick me an email – hayley.peppin@hotmail.com






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